Why I HitRecord

Running – I started running track and field in 11th grade/junior year of high school Team Sports, continued all throughout university college, and got hooked on running races for the cure ever since graduating college. Sanjaya Malakar and Siobhan Magnus. Which one was born in Dec.92?

“I think we did it!” – I did that, I’ve done that. I only have one, new iMac!

Sleeping – Don’t wake up until the 2026 Winter Olympics in Bozeman, Montana or Lake Placid, New York! Meryl Davis, Syesha Mercado, and Sonny Moore! Patagonia, Argentina (Antarctica)! The South Pole is not cold! I think it’s Mr. Popper’s Penguins and Australia! Trippy, it’s slippery!

I am making my little sister of One Direction age a magazine like a Miami University alumni (ie Mike Krumboltz, Elle Fowler, etc) is doing right now because Emily Deschanel, Brandi Finley, and Little Miss Moldovan/Albanian/Greek Assadourian-Rideout are all working on theirs, too! The Girl Code web series in Moldova is like all for like all sorts of Eurasians, full Asians, and everything everyone is, Mauritius.

My only list is Top 8. I need a new iMac! Yes, reader was not you/them/me/us! Yes, we’re not Mar and King, but I am their fanbases, though! Finding another friend for Little Janelle? None of these people were Time! I don’t go on reader anymore, Time, I go on Top 8.

Janelle, yes, you’re white, you can be Wales and “Leave It All to Shine”

Mar, yes, you’re Janelle, and not me

Mrs. King, yes,  I am not going to college in California at all after going to like John Muir

Teafaerie static wordpress I look like a ’10 watching Starstruck.

Megan world blogger/blogspot What became of Chris Cyrus is ancient history or “I’ve had this a very long time ago, but now I can.”

Miss Hutchinson, yes, we are not for Hudgens, she’s a shoe designer for Ecko and I was like we’re Jennifer and Ashley Tisdale or her and Stella’s new Disney show, “Say OK” soundtrack for Lincoln Heights, or “my money’s coming back to me, it’s paying off!” “When There Was Me And You” and “You Are The Music In Me”. Am not! JoJo is both Tina Phan “Kiss The Girl” and Danielle White Louis Tomlinson “Under The Sea” “Part Of Your World” and they are not on The Little Mermaid soundtrack either, The Little Mermaid is pop punk!!! I am from the future. What became of r-ideout is a fatter older sister and thinner younger sister!

Hello Giggles, I am not you, but I am both a Zoey and a graphic designs magazine like you! This is the eighth one, as Mary Russell Holmes is not BMWSequel, but Horoscopes!

/blog, mine

HollywoodLife Zayn Search, the most popular X-Factor UK series 7 contestant and the only one alive ever!

I think ZAYN is going to be after “The Bachelor” and “DWTS” in all caps in four letters, but his topic name is JLo!

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