Squared was The Rybka Twins!

I think Big Brother 17’s Liz and Julia Nolan are The Rybka Twins contortionists from Australia’s Got Talent 7 lost in semi final 3. The only ages I know off of Squared are The Nolan Twins are a day older than Louis Tomlinson and Deja and Di-V are a year younger than Tommy and he’s It Takes Two!


I’m not very fond of these two at all! I’d rather watch Squared and mine:


The Mian Twins on Sundays known as Aisha and Azra and The Totally Teenage Twins on Thursdays known as Caroline and Olivia are way too powerful and they have too much power!

Brooklyn & Bailey are the same chic in Cute Girls Hairstyles? No way!

Who is the smartest person in the whole world?

What do you think of seven sets of identical twins (“I am not related to identical twins!”) Good Charlotte and the Mian twins being related to Louis Tomlinson, who is the fraternal twins Daisy and Phoebe Tomlinson-Deakin and Ernest and Doris Tomlinson-Deakin, not Lottie and Fizzy? I need a moving truck by All My Sons Moving LLC! Harry Styles, Niall Horan, and Liam Payne are not going to be on here like Zayn is! Hey, when is Evelyn and Titi going to post their 24 June 2017 vlog on their shared YouTube channel like she said on their shared Instagram? I want them to be fraternal and that I came on to see who doesn’t have a big brother anymore older half brother and younger half sister are only children! The new YouTube usernames for 100+ subscribers are not /user! I mean, I think the dad is The Madden Brothers and the mom is Aisha and Azra! Why I want you to be Louie! Why I want that to be Louis Tomlinson!

Phillip Phillips, Taylor Hicks, and Halo Circus

Phillip Phillips is Trent Harmon, Taylor Hicks is a Silverfox like Zayn Malik and Anderson Cooper, and Halo Circus doesn’t have as many fans as I thought they would!

The World from the Other Side of the Moon is the longest album in the whole world! I like Jem & Scout!

I think we can be twins. I think I can meet my twin. I think we watch ourselves on YouTube on my TV for the rest of our lives!

Goodreads is 163 people!

ASUS Google Chromebook 23 March 2016

Chromebook is very sweaty and I live in Raleigh, North Carolina in Texarkana (Louisiana!) in the hot and humid south! “I got mine wet too!” said someone like me. “Mine got sweaty too!”

I didn’t know we could have a sweat resistant cloth to wipe the touchpad.

I didn’t know we could have a velcro strap to tie the battery cord around with.

Is Squared in Louisiana? Louis Tomlinson