February 23,1987 is just like Miley!

Today is Charlene Soraia’s Chantessy Safira-Snowden’s 30th birthday, probably at Gigi’s Cupcakes, like Ellen Page’s next birthday is going to be next year! Marc Ecko is probably talking about feet stop growing, Craig, and Todrick Hall’s white girlfriend! I think “She Ur Yvonne Zima, who was “well not really innit!” I am looking for “They’re too little for him!” She don’t like me. He doesn’t like me… is rainbow-magic.com ryan-magner.net?

HEY WHERE DID MARISA IN THE WHITE TANK TOP GO SHE IS MINE LIKE LEIGH-ANNE! STRETCH P. 69? PINNOCK! BLACK. I THINK ARABIC IS WRITTEN FOR WRITERS LIKE BRAILLE AND URDU IS SPEECH! MASTURBATION? grunting trollish control patrol hall monitor prefect mine is https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dwight_D._Eisenhower not democrat truman!… blindness Randi West’s talking to Zayn!