San Francisco’s Earthquakes

Matt Cardle is Monterey-Carmel! Cuz you don’t know how much Matt Cardle you are! I think I am in Los Angeles designing clothes like Laura Canada for Play and Kate Rougeux in San Francisco! I am so scared to death for Mary-Kate Olsen! Ted is a right-handed watch like her! He is with Doniya, and me and Lisa and Michal are all Harry Styles here! Mary-Kate is left-handed! Zayn is always on the same side as Ashley’s side, and his right-handed twin is a lefty guitar, but not left-handed! “what’s my age again?” – blink-182.

Betty, I think that was you who stopped that crazy continuity dream from going on and killing us all! Thanks so much! You need to keep stopping him, okay? You need to keep stopping her, too! Make mommy wake up again, it’s just a bad dream again and hold on to the bars on your bed like a crib!

I feel sorry for Harry Styles.

You’re dreaming. What was your dream? Don’t listen to her! She’s Christina Grimmie in Hilary Duff’s “Sweet Sixteen” on Metamorphosis in 2003!

Mama loves me
Sister who shows, or showed (That was Christina Grimmie, the dead, dead people) me
And daddy’s always there!

Don’t listen to her on Zayn’s sophomore album! Syesha?