National Colouring Book Day

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I think I’m stuck.
I want Johanna Basford to start with the smallest Barack Obama and Alphascapes.
But I think I like the paint by number.
I’m going to like Butterfly Designs at the store.
Jessica Mazurkiewicz is going to break your heart because Zenscapes starts with a Z!

I think Raleigh is Butterfly Designs, but I want Halloween Scapes and Winter Scapes!

Your enemy is Alyson Stoner or rival or cyberbully because Jamie Stalica or a Janelle from the north was too old so she’s the youngest of three!

She bought a lot of plain sweats at walmart and put art and faded colouring dye in it; she’s your enemy, that’s your enemy. Don’t watch Haters Back Off- it is Peppa Pig and Brooklyn & Bailey McKnight/Dolan Twins/Lucas and Marcus/Hollie Pops/Eevee!

I think we can make that Twin Talk – The McClure Twins Family! The X-Files for adults is about to get ruined if it was a little kid born on February 9, 1984, so the X-Files is not adult, okay, but the same thing as Squared and Twin Strangers! I think the X-Files is for kids and children and family-friendly types! I think you’re a kid! I think you’re a child! I think you’re a totally teenage twin! Who can I call juvenile and immature? New Kids On The Block or Twin Toys? I’m about to be pregnant with twins! Haley Joel Osment is about to go on the X-Files and he was only born in Caleigh Peters and so I believe The X-Files is about to get ruined if a kid like him is watching it! We are not going to be watching the X-Files anymore if it teen like Squared just was so it’s time to go back to high school.

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