1. February 1, the 92nd week; I was just thinking about the nine weeks period from November 8th to January 3rd! Now, what do you reckon September 19th pedagogy is? Is that my YouTube account?
  2. February 8, the 93rd week; don’t let me go near Clara Bryant and Amy Nichols ever again!
  3. February 15, the 94th week; don’t let me go near Jane Seymour ever again!
  4. February 22, the 95th week; don’t let me go near the whole PLAY Swedish girl group ever again at IKEA with both the Gyllenhaal family and the Swedish Fish candy lovers family!
  5. March 1, the 96th week; that is not going to be March because Mrs. Carlisle is DeAna Davis on the second, and the third is mine and the fourth is Yvonne Zima and her little sister (innosently on the Crayon Club) telling me that Mikalah Gordon on the fourteenth of January is the second of March.
  6. March 8, the 97th week; Sunday is March 11, but no time yet, and we just got ABC11WTVD on Antenna TV, ask Lucas Dobre to audition, he has a freckle!
  7. March 15, the 98th week; that is not March! I think Tri-Sigma is Triple X and 666!
  8. March 22, the 99th week; that is not March! I think 101 is Easter or something like that, stammering, uhh, umm, not a Grammar Nazi!
  9. March 29, the 100th week; that is not March! 411! I think we’re top ten!


I am not eligible at all at any from the start! The SAT is at Broughton, NC State is too far down south, Carroll and Leadmine are the only middle and elementary schools that I can be now and no one else from the other neighborhoods only three Alysse Perry, Amanda Jones, and Amber Batten like Lakepark or North Hills are allowed here anymore if it back to Carroll and Leadmine again as I said only three so that can only be a 5’2″ who said they’re not going to grow anymore, or only a Mormon, or only a Caroline Beauregarde! That’s the last name you’re supposed to be! I want to take upperclassmen gym/PE because I want to wear a two-piece bikini, flip flops in the group shower all naked and stuff in my junior and senior years of high school, because we couldn’t do that in freshman year and also because sophomore year was the learner’s permit! I am doing it! I can do it! I can’t believe seventh and eighth grade at CBA is “early acceptance” singing live at a someplace you don’t care about if you’re the singer or if it yours or you and all of your fans are for you! You’re Emily Williams; what song to sing; Beatboxing! The only other one is adulthood and doing the same thing everyday like Deja Vu or Turning Twin Show! Whenever I get to Lottie in talking/discussion/conversation she was once brunette! Who remembers Lottie? I think I live in Sweden! Go back to 1 to be zero again and not repeating, pi! I give up on life! That’s why Mrs Carlisle came back! I fail at Edgar Allan Poe everyday! It is not done! It’s still only the teacher and it is going to be 4! Someone doesn’t want you to be 2 and 3 either because you did better than them if you’re 4! I don’t think I did better than them, I think we’re all fours or the iPhone 4s on gavin’s Tumblr! That’s Karmin’s “Brokenhearted” song! Cher Lloyd! That’s the last name you’re supposed to be!

Kathleen Lambert and Mary Smith are Year 5 and 6,

but I don’t want to go back down to them ever again! I saw it on Barney like the other one was! The New Kids On The Block is a celebrity! Twin Toys is a celebrity! I think I just heard/saw the dumbest man/guy/boy in the whole world because I can see/hear (I wish I didn’t! I think he’s pornographic or something Stevens Book Shop or something like that)!

What year is Zayn in?

The reason I’m trying to find out what year Zayn Malik is in at Jesse O. Sanderson High School is because he is both Year 10 and Year 11 or fifth grade (Lead Mine Elementary School) and sixth grade (Carroll Middle School)! He is not Fayetteville Elementary School anymore he is Wellwood Middle School! That was Louis Tomlinson’s class she was in for a split second for the swimming pool with Hilary Duff from Lizzie McGuire on the Disney Channel and Casper Meets Wendy on Freeform where the Fay El school bus stops at the house next-door from us but I want her to be younger than that even more than that Louis XIV of France! That’s why Stronger is my fifth year of high school! Zayn is very weird Nikole! Really! Tragic/tragedy. Sad. Zayn is very sad Nikole! Weird is sad! Harry Potter, Mugglenetsam, Wendy Seitz, that’s Nikole. Jesse is a giraffe peekaboo phone holder.

Songs on the radio

Who wants to hear me talk about the songs on the radio lately? If it was about driving:

Beverley Mitchell — I’m still going back to her because she doesn’t care at all what day it is regardless of what time of the day it is right now and that I was five years of high school not four so I’m hers!

Play On — I’m still going back to Zayn’s sweet sixteen birthday party because she doesn’t care at all what Target is in Gilmore Girls regardless of what CHI and makeup she is right now and if I’m going to be taller than the blown up pic of Carrie Underwood at ALMAY!

Britney: The Singles Collection 17-track version — I’m still going back to PLAY because they are Swedish Fish at IKEA!

Stronger — I’m still going back to the new format of American Idol and I’m probably still buying more Kree Harrison in Joshua Gracin from off the Disney Channel’s record label!

Two for Me, “Change Nothing,” “River Deep — Mountain High,” and “I’m On a Roll,” — I’m still going back to JOLYNNE because she was a member of the Decker family at Jesse O. Sanderson High School during Zayn’s high school graduation party there with Peisha McPhee in the right year for him and not the smartest youngest one anymore with the Carter family! That’s why my account on iTunes is still working for me to have a new iPhone and new Jesse (not Twigs, Sailor!) giraffe peek-a-boo phone holder at home when I’m not out driving anymore! Let me see what animal this is! Is it a giraffe? Why does it have to be born on September 4? Why is My Little Pony Tales One Direction?

Road Between — The reason I’m still looking for a new album from her is because she is mine and I don’t have to be/go out driving all the time I can stay home most of the time with my fraternal twins that we just made or multiple births but I do not make single births I make multiple births with black/Asian guys! I think the poorer father is something like, “he’s not worth living for anymore, he isn’t going anywhere no more” or something like that! Who is a white mom and black/Asian dad? I’m a slut! Sloth! I think we’re having a boy and a girl, because I’m bringing back Rebecca Rougeux and she was a twin!

Piece by Piece — The reason why this was the start of the year is because Z100 copies #2 pop on Sirius XM but the one that you want is Pop 2K and CD/iPhone/iPod/iPad!

Storyteller — The reason why Carrie Underwood – “Whenever You Remember” is so weird is because whenever she’s mine she wants me to join her in Sigma Sigma Sigma but it’s really very impossible because I’m going to the potty right now and looking at records on hitRECord or Dribbble helps me poop more!

Flo Rida

Carrie Underwood is the best American Idols LIVE! Tour 2005 because not only are they all hardcore deathcore rock and roll and heavy metal stars but she only wants Jessica Sierra (10th) in it for me to join hers and for hers to come back! We are not us, we are “whoever’s bed’s it’s turn to drive the bus is driving”! We are probably not Mikalah Gordon (11th), Lindsey Cardinale (12th), Antonella Barba (top 16 women), and Todrick Hall (top 16 men), that’s Melinda Lira and Sarah Mather. I think a Jessica S. is not ninth! I think she’s only “Unbroken“!

Yes we are not Anwar Robinson (7th), Nadia Turner (8th/Cher Lloyd), and Nikko Smith (9th)!

Are we Bo Bice and Constantine Maroulis? I think Carrie is rock! Beverley Mitchell is 2006, not 2007, and I have it (“we don’t have time for Some Hearts, we have to think about college”)!

Anthony Fedorov is still 10th placer Jessica Sierra!

Vonzell Solomon is still black!

Scott Savol is still fat!

Go back to American Juniors if it’s mine and not 14th of January anymore!

My new tour bus!

I think I might like this! I had just went in Aaron Carter’s Oh Aaron tourbus after “I Want Candy” came out with Hilary Duff on Lizzie McGuire and I was all like, “shouldn’t we be moving to a new high school for One Direction and meet more of us”? It’s the Flying Cloud 19 foot! Do you think the twins sleep on the big bed? “This is my home…” “This is our house…” We are never getting out of here, this is our home forever and ever! We are living here! Our home is the road! I thought the American Idol Top 12 tour buses were the only ones we can get! That’s why all/most tour buses sleep six, seven, and eight like the Flying Cloud 19 foot smallest Airstream trailer is! I think 13 finalists went on the X Factor series 7 Live Tour! Twins can be the odd one out! Video Monster! I think Angel Carter is joining The Carter Twins, you know, like, Amy, or Jimmy! I can’t believe that I am not the only one (Life According to Megan!) that has to wear glasses (the Olsen twins!) because somebody was just mishandled by somebody else!