The X Factor UK series 1

I think it’s too loud! I can hear it from all the way over here and as Matt Cardle and Rebecca Ferguson are both 1983 and black, they are not going to be you! I think I’m still in! I think it’s “Sorry 2004” or Safaa. My brain is bigger than that. This is the right part to be! I am so much smarter than I ever was before because I am on a higher level of consciousness and intellect now after 2004 or October 15, 2002! I don’t like this part in Fuller House season 3 right now because Fernando and Kimmy are dancing to Mexican music right now on Netflix on Roku TV! There is nothing else on but that! I am going to like being on Twin Toys because we have two for each twin on Roku TV! And if I don’t have a Hulu 39.99 Live TV subscription then I don’t think I’m an adult yet. I think there was something else I was talking about being an adult not just Hulu what was it?


do you remember

laura10151988 or laura10151989 on YouTube? I am never going to give you my birthday and age; I think I am the same age as Dakota Fanning because she is not going to be May 8, 1994 but mine! She is going to be mine!

Remember going back to roomies with Erin and Lisa in a trio in Raleigh, North Carolina? That was the University of Phoenix Online Alex Turner wanted me to be in because I live in a tourbus not a house!

Living in a tourbus gives you an ID and makes you sound like that! I live in a tourbus, not a retirement trailer and crew cab pickup! But we are going to move me to ZAYN because I was just in a club for a beatboxer like Blake Lewis or an American Idol contestant like Nick Fradiani in Emily Williams, Laura Sylvester, Michael, Timmy and Andrew are the Jonas Bros and Ashley Tisdale!! “go back to timmy’s aunt and uncle right now and plead to death for them!” I’m about to be in a TV show. I’m about to be on TV. YouTube is Reality TV, so Full/Fuller House is moving to reality TV for the Fuller family.

I have to take care of Christmas babies!

I have to take care of Christmas babies! I am going to take care of mine! Shouldn’t we be in Fayetteville-Manlius High School in 2002 and not I mean instead of Aaron Carter’s tourbus? His twin sister Angel Carter is Amy Carter! And Amy Carter is going to be The Hilton Sisters with me!