Twin Toys

If Twin Toys is going on cable, then I am going to die!


Nancy Drew Pilot Being Developed at NBC After Failed Attempt at CBS — TVLine

Nancy Drew is (sort of) back on the case, this time at NBC. The network is developing a drama pilot about the fictional gumshoe, with Tony Phelan and Joan Rater penning the script, our sister site Deadline reports. CBS TV Studios and Dan Jinks will also produce. NBC’s Nancy Drew reportedly follows the author of…

via Nancy Drew Pilot Being Developed at NBC After Failed Attempt at CBS — TVLine

I’m watching it on WNCN 17 CBS North Carolina!

GO back to Antenna TV right now! Get rid of my Antenna TV and No Cable dot ORG right now!

iTV is internet TV! That’s Blu-ray Disc, Rokuplayer, and Apple TV! What is it like to live in a Basic Cable house with Christopher and Tina? I think there’s a fight going on between ABC/TGIF and ION/PAX!!

  1. WRAZ FOX50 w/MeTV
  2. WRDC MyRDC28 is Todrick Hall’s race and comes with w/Gremlins or Comet TV
  3. WRAL NBC5 w/Gidget -It’s also the WRAL-FM Contemporary Mix!
  4. WNCN CBS17 w/Flying Nun- It’s also what Comet and MeTV are as well also!
  5. WUNC UNC-TV PBS4 w/Rootle – Rootle is the best one for kids! It’s also the NPR!

But yes/no, we do not have WTVD ABC11 and WRPX ION47 anymore! True, we do not want Investigation Discovery (ID), Bravo (Project Runway), etc, and the rest of them, those are Standard Cable channels, but those two are ours, though! I think Digital Cable channels are INSP (Little House on the Prairie season 2 is a DVD and only season 2! Haunted House! “Laura is a scaredy cat!”) or Truth or Scare on Discovery Kids on its own and not on The More You Know NBC Kids block anymore! And Pay-Per-View not mine at all! I think Dr. G: Medical Examiner is Discovery Life, Dr. Phil is Oprah Winfrey Network, and Abby & Brittany is TLC! That show was her Twitter account!

YouTube is Antenna TV and No Cable, too, here it is, just mainly Squared and Twin Toys:

Mondays- The Rybka Twins

Tuesdays- The Casually Twins (Lucas and Marcus Dobre)

Wednesdays- The Nolan Twins

Thursdays- The Carney Twins (The only other show on is either Dearly Bethany or the Dobre Brothers, Darius and Cyrus, they’re Lucas and Marcus Dobre! Thursdays are when Pasadena Villa “make videos for YouTube” for paranoid schizophrenic identical twin sister in Pretty Little Liars by Sara Shepard! Afraid they’re gonna have something!)

Fridays- The Caleon Twins

Saturdays- Deja&Di-V

Sundays- The Mian Twins (Lucas and Marcus Dobre)

I don’t want to watch Netflix, Amazon, and Sling anymore, but Twin Toys is mine, though! HARRY should come on CW22 everyday before Squared but I don’t like 2! Working! Daytime TV!

If Twin Toys is about to go on ABC then I need to go to Pasadena Villa on Thursdays right now for paranoid schizophrenia because The Ohana Adventure is here! Simon Cowell is the craziest man in the whole world! If I don’t have it and if I’m not allowed to have it then take it away from me right now, get rid of it right now, and don’t let me have it! “I need to see the mental health therapist!” Paranoid schizophrenia! Ali’s Pretty Little Lies!

I’m crying am really sad and emotional right now because we’re about to put Twin Toys on ABC WTVD 11-1 and I don’t have that so I don’t want it on my Roku Player TV and Blu ray Disc player TV!

CW22 at 2pm!

It was really hard to get her back to WLFL CW22 at 2pm again because of Squared at 3!

I don’t like antenna TV! When did we switch to antenna? We are not antenna! I am not Squared!

The Harry Connick Jr Show! But I am watching Squared right now on internet TV, Roku player, Apple TV, and blu ray disc player not antenna TV and not cable/satellite either!

Who does Joseph Gordon-Levitt care about the most more than anybody else right now and why?


I think twins are going to be a new thing in my life real soon! I think you’re Eevee the Pokemon character and Rydel is Shae because she might be a twin or their cousin!

I am going to like watching this on YouTube on the computer instead of the TV anymore:

They have the same great-great-grandparents (Splintered/Myst) as me!

I am not going near that yet!


I don’t have ABC11!

I do not want to watch it on YouTube if I don’t have it and I don’t! WTVD! I did not mean to be WLFL CW22 again but I believe Reign and The Flash at nine o’clock late night! Therefore I am never going to watch American Idol ever again and not even on YouTube since we are not Sling Orange and we are also not cable and we are  also not Hulu Live TV and we are also not digital/satellite either! I think someone is out to get me, if I don’t have it, if Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are never going back on Fuller House on their mom’s maiden last name’s reality TV YouTube show ever again… My only hope is WRAL NBC5, not Freeform anymore! I think we should watch Twin Toys on Roku TV! We are WRAL and NBC on Roku TV! I’m not Sling TV, I’m Squared2 on YouTube after getting 100 subscribers for Christmas! I’m not Sling Blue… it’s just The X Factor UK Interactive on that! WNCN is CBS North Carolina where Scorpion and Nick on CBS come on! New Arthur for this Halloween comes on at seven o’clock in the morning on UNC-TV PBS Kids Go! MyRDC was Ace Young as Ace Blackwell on Veronica Mars or Half-and-Half! Finally, Fox 50 isn’t very good because Freeform is going to be taken over by YouTubers someday they were Au Pair film trilogy! And Roku player keeps freezing and stopping at the heights of Ariana Grande, Kay Panabaker, and maybe Ashley Olsen, but not her younger twin sister Mary-Kate and Rosanna Pansino and under 4’9″ is how tall little kids who need a booster seat are, you know, “you must be this high”! ION or formerly PAX is He Sees You When You’re Sleeping in 2005 and Mandie’s Forgotten Christmas in 2011 but you didn’t let me see it so late at night for Christians! And that’s all no more TBS/WGN Superstation anymore for me and A Christmas Story in 1983 and November 22nd, 1984 is 1985 is why I’m not Sling Blue and why I don’t want Sling at all then! I want to watch twins! I think Gremlins on Comet is not very good at all… it’s just Doniya and Zayn with mine! I don’t believe The Carrie Diaries Season 2, Gilmore Girls, and Kacak! Twin Strangers TV show is coming on ITV in the United Kingdom! And Amazon Video is really expensive because the only stuff on there is Twitches, Twitches Too, and Double, Double, Toil and Trouble for a whopping ten bucks after two Halloween DCOMs in 2005 and 2007!

I don’t think that’s 50-1 that’s HD!

I think I do have cable but someone keeps thinking 50-1 is higher quality HD than 13!

I think Bravo or Project Runway but I’m not sure what channel 72 is supposed to be!

My 1-inch fine European hair GHD hair straightener was only 75 American dollars on Look Fantastic that I got a case for it as well too also! Someone called it for Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s little sister’s fine European hair!

Twins, 3 little sisters

I think Trent has 3 little sisters, the younger twin is going to be Lizzie when the twins grow up, and the older twin is going to be his! I think I like Facebook and YouTube! I don’t know how to move because I have always been independent ever since “I Can’t Hear My Parents Call”! I have been living in Raleigh since 1994 and I have been living in Syracuse since 1993! That is “me”!