Fuller House came back!

Dave Coulier said so in year 28! Michelle Tanner is going to meet her long-lost twin! Here, Tiffany Alvord is the new Hilary Duff!

That’s her twin- Michelle Nguyen and Mindy Nguyen- that they are not white, like Aisha & Azra!

And that Shania Twain, Jessica Alba, and Ashley Tisdale. That’s Louis Tomlinson.

We are going to have to listen these songs for the rest of our lives as classic rock songs.

Do you want to come on over and talk to me somewhere else or meet me offline? I am now following 29 blogs on this site not 33 Katharine McPhee the year of the rat not the cat and that Zayn Malik is living in January 12th, 2023 and not ours 37 chapters Christina Grimmie on The Voice in Little Mix’s! Do you remember when I had to work and write a book like The Carrie Diaries and Summer in the City are? Do you think we’re the year of the monkey?


I wish I could watch more Squared2 videos, but Carrie Hemingway is not Evelyn & Titi!

Good, I am so glad that Frankie & Izzi Casually from Great Britain are today, and not tomorrow anymore, and that we just survived like three weeks of the Liz & Julia Nolan Twins rhyme with the Ethan & Grayson Dolan twins (identical guy twins)! Mindy just said that she was the Australia’s Got Talent identical twins Teagan & Sam Rybka twins at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Florida with The “alwayspureblood” Black Sisters known as Lilly & Ally from London in the United Kingdom, note that The Hilton Sisters are sisters and not twins! Yesterday, The Azra & Aisha Mian twins did what the Caleon twins Samantha & Madeleine did! And now, Caroline & Olivia or the Totally Teenage Twins from Cute Girls Hairstyles and Millennial Moms are turning into Jess & Jenna! And Deja and Di-V are only freshmen at University of North Carolina at Wilmington where sophomores, juniors, and seniors are now living at Carolina Cove and I want his roommate! What conversation do you want to hear me have with Deja & Di-V right now at UNCW? Jess & Jenna and Leesa & Laura are not fraternal. You are not related to Jess & Jenna and Leesa & Laura. We were Leesa & Laura Andrew, not Brennan. They were born in January 1981 like Sarah Jessica Parker, or Sarah J. Parent?, was and not Amanda Bynes  (Dear?) at Steve & Barry’s in Wilson. And I thought old that was Amanda! Go back to Leesa and Laura Andrew and not mine. I want Laura to be the younger one. Lisa said something like “That’s Not Me” or that she is glad she is not a twin or my twin when I am a twin or that my twin is Zayn Malik from American Idol (season 5) auditions! How rude? I don’t remember what was before American Idol but The Parent Trap “Let’s Get Together” or The Little Mermaid “Part of Your World”? Hollie Cavanagh and Carly Hennessy-Smithson.

I think Evelyn & Titi are coming back on Squared! Hey, how is that Evelyn? I thought they were green-gold blonde! And that Liv & Maddie are getting a new kid after Parker like Good Luck Charlie did! I thought Ted was Evelyn and I was Titi! And that Tommy is going to be Tahj/Todrick and be Tia & Tamera Mowry! Twitches 3, anyone? Seventeen Again and Sister, Sister! The Lying Game. Double, Double, Toil, and Trouble. The Other Boleyn Girl. George, Anne, and Mary! I am only Twitches and Twitches Too DCOM on DVD!

Phillip Phillips, Taylor Hicks, and Halo Circus

Phillip Phillips is Trent Harmon, Taylor Hicks is a Silverfox like Zayn Malik and Anderson Cooper, and Halo Circus doesn’t have as many fans as I thought they would!

The World from the Other Side of the Moon is the longest album in the whole world! I like Jem & Scout!

I think we can be twins. I think I can meet my twin. I think we watch ourselves on YouTube on my TV for the rest of our lives!

Goodreads is 163 people!

ASUS Google Chromebook 23 March 2016

Chromebook is very sweaty and I live in Raleigh, North Carolina in Texarkana (Louisiana!) in the hot and humid south! “I got mine wet too!” said someone like me. “Mine got sweaty too!”

I didn’t know we could have a sweat resistant cloth to wipe the touchpad.

I didn’t know we could have a velcro strap to tie the battery cord around with.

Is Squared in Louisiana? Louis Tomlinson

I’m Yours

I am only on episode #5! I think Netflix wants to live forever! Netflix is going out for us all! Jeff Bezos and Warren Buffet can be Casanova, Crisis In Six Scenes, Wishenpoof, and Hulu.






13 Reasons Why

I just saw this on Tumblr last night on Teen.com and was like, yeah, sure, of course!

She’s not Girl Meets World and 90210!

And “Who just died?” has been going on since Picking Up The Pieces in elementary school!

I am going to follow Cassandra’s career if she’s getting one after Family/Famous In Love!

Instagram is ZAYN.

Tumblr is Harry Potter Tumblers.

This was my Diary, it’s going to be a big name Magazine someday.

Which one is the family car, the 1986 Oldsmobile?


Make me too young again, “1986”!

Steak & Shake

Can I go home with Harry Styles? Sara Bareilles was Waitress for this and some Hardee’s!

Tonight I am so watching DWTS 24.3 and The Twins: Happily Ever After 1.3!

I don’t want to record anymore after Spring Equinox!

Peanut Butter on G105 is Bob and the Showgram’s brain tumor thing at Duke!

Ice cream brain freeze let’s chill! Are you Timmy?