Up All Night (Live)

I just heard Up All Night (Live)! It was obviously One Direction! I want the Live iTunes Festival London 2012 EP! YouTube and Pandora hurts my ears! Can we go on Wattpad?

I don’t need to go on Google News on the internet anymore after finding all of these cool news sources on the web for my WordPress Reader online!

I don’t think we’re going to be Amazon anymore if Arcata Outfitters is going to be mine!

And search.yahoo.com and archive.org are just not in anymore after evelyn & titi!


Phillip Phillips, Taylor Hicks, and Halo Circus

Phillip Phillips is Trent Harmon, Taylor Hicks is a Silverfox like Zayn Malik and Anderson Cooper, and Halo Circus doesn’t have as many fans as I thought they would!

The World from the Other Side of the Moon is the longest album in the whole world! I like Jem & Scout!

I think we can be twins. I think I can meet my twin. I think we watch ourselves on YouTube on my TV for the rest of our lives!

Goodreads is 163 people!

Still Got Time

I just heard “Still Got Time” on Kinston’s Top 40 radio station pulse 102.5 fm after thinking about Amanda Brendle at Lowe’s Home Improvement! Kingston! We have not! Three more hours! The Bachelor! Did Bonnie Fuller just changed that to DWTS? Aries? She doesn’t know which one is hers! She was Michelle and Ashley! Wes & Erin… Their last name really is Malik over there! Malik!

They were knitting shawls-so femme










I am not in fifth grade anymore

I do not need pads anymore I want tampons to be Carly Fiorina’s 2015 book’s idea! I like U by Kotex Tween and grown-up training bras! I think Zayn took me to the California DMV he was Tiffany Alvord into the wild! I was Christopher McCandless before you – you’re the movie – but I was Kristen Stewart on the Shotime app for Speak in fifth grade at 10-11 years old – I am not watching the Sundance Film Channel app yet! Fairbanks, Alaska.

I want someone to correspond with me on ProtonMail video mail (violetnese is so Asian while or whereas vitaminwater is so dumb and white of me), can I have or be Lindsey Summers?

I did Tiffany Alvord

I wanted her to be a Sagittarius like National Pearl Harbour Remembrance Day born in 1992 on the day that the Lusitania sunk in 1941!

What do you mean you need Tiffany Alvord? She is older than me like Curtis Smith was in Michael A. Maroon Elementary School and Shay Mitchell was in Mississauga!

I am doing Dakota Fanning from Man on Fire, The Cat in the Hat, and I Am Sam but not Charlotte’s Web (it’s Amber Brown Is Not A Crayon) yet! I think I am her.

Where do you want to meet me?


What do they sound like to you?

Never in a million years…” I mean, “you don’t know you’re beautiful” and “that’s not what I said” and no usage of this or that! No over-usage and no skipping words!

This is an intro post for my beauty channel like gwyneth and lookfantastic! I think that’s a grammar Nazi!