OMG I just got a heart from Zayn World! My parents weren’t yelling at me at all! I think I’m getting an eBay credit card today when the mail comes and you’re not allowed to hide anything like Anthrax from the government! I think they were yelling for how much older Zayn Malik is than his twin sister which is me! Do you watch Friends? I only like the fraternal twins! I forgot their names because we are not them! Do you realise how easy Friends (TV show) is going to be? I think it’s a new edit! I am going to put this post in all/everything/anything but books and Georgie!


Kelly Clarkson

Someone just purposely mistakened Mikalah Gordon for Kelly Clarkson! I was watching the top 12 redux of Chloe Kohanski because she is the bleach-blonde on the season 13 of The Voice! Now, I just saw the top 11 performances for the first time even though I have a preference for the top 11 redux and Mikalah’s elimination right now! In Pray for the Soul of Betty and Sara Shepard, I was always Mikalah! She can be called Eurasian, too! I think she’s Amanda Bynes’ heritage! I think I have a preference for Shi’ann Jones to be the new Mikalah! I think she’s Mikalah! I think I’m AXS and NBC On Demand! I think Lauren Duski is from Detroit, but I’m about to get YouTube TV with my eBay MasterCard! and my favourite store is either Claire’s or TJMaxx/TKMaxx! I think Shi’ann is still Mikalah to me not One Direction(Vonzell Solomon, Anthony Fedorov, Scott Savol, Constantine Maroulis, Anwar Robinson or Sanjaya Malakar or Ace Young or Stefano Langone), Cher Lloyd(Malaya Watson), and Pia Toscano(Heejun Han); Lisa Tucker and Jessica Sierra. You’re not Greek/Cypriot, you’re Italian/Sicilian. Jerusalem, Israel is an ethnic Jew and a religious Jew is The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank with the older/big sister Margot and the diary dubbed Kitty with Louis Tomlinson in it as your little brother running away from paparazzi with you! I don’t know what place 1D should be Vonzell!

NBC On Demand

Where can I tell more people that I have NBC On Demand for The Voice season 12? The only thing I’m watching is The X Factor UK coming up next after The X Factor UK and now where is this channel AXS now on Sling after me was The X Factor UK? I don’t really want to talk about Fox On Demand right now and that’s (not) why I assigned Rosanna Pansino to baking and Little Janelle to AXS for Laura Jane Grace the frontman of Against Me.