I think I can have more links (those are websites that don’t have RSS feeds and Zayn is in all three of these: links is his main domain, blogs I follow is his tumblr, and my favourite blogs is his hosted by Bonnie Fuller HollywoodLife.com topic where he is called Zayn_Malik now and linked from ZAYN in all four capital letters not Zayn Malik) and more text in my gravatar about me blurb (I don’t know what you want to know about me)! My bookmarks are: some alibaba.com sheets made in pakistan from the Mian identical twins (because they are not related to us but they are related to Louis Tomlinson though for him to have two sets of fraternal twins in the Tomlinson-Deakin half-family like the three Tisdale Sisters are); ebay; wordpress; pandora; my youtube; yahoo; amazon; archive.org; and my google news! I don’t want to go on youtube anymore right now because Evan Sidar said something like I’m getting sick and tired of her (Yammy) or it’s hurting my ears to listen to her (Yammy)! That’s why I don’t have a fourteenth view because they want that to be me or mine but I did not! I have a new liked videos playlist called Favourites! I think I can write something new for Wattpad.


They were knitting shawls-so femme











I just saw the two newest Ecko Red shoes on Amazon today! Phranz Phayde is UK 3.

Well I think Chalsies are Jennifer Tisdale’s boyfriend’s age; while Ashley, Carly Rae, and Todrick love the Phranz Phantazia with the pink rose; and the Phranz Phavorite with the big red rhino for Zayn or the big pink rhino for me is like mine, and that I am the same thing as JoJo’s Phranz Phabulous (white leather), but not for Todrick Hall’s ethnicity!

I only like these five!

I don’t need to wear shoes anymore!

The year my season 5’s a year younger than you was born!

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Does someone want to kidnap you?
Your Result: Hard to say.
Maybe, maybe not. You can’t really be too careful now adays, so just watch out just in case but hey, it’s just a quiz. . . .

They’re planning to right now


Not really.


Syracuse police were able to convince a man who was holding a gun to his head to surrender.

via Syracuse police standoff with suspect with gun ends peacefully — Central NY News

I am not Twitter, English Wikipedia, and Myspace anymore! Myspace is Pinterest, I can still go on that, it’s not hacked, the owner is on yours!

You can’t touch my butt, thighs, and stomach because you don’t know where that is! That’s his! I can touch my breasts because I got into B cup! I just want a pup! iGeneration is 34.


laura kivick is a male who was born on November 27, 1981 and went to UPG.

West Newton, PA is you. Let’s follow pittgreensburgathletics.com! 9.

J.K. Rowling is writing a book about Laura Kivick, not me! I am C! mugglenet.

Lara Campbell is also a Goodreads fan of Joe, next to Browning! Nik is anime. Claire Ness is a Browning, Teddy Barrett, Emily Browning, in mine, my birthday!

7) leana_hearts_kitty and lleynad? 6) hmwith and 5) francyyy are too faraway.

Myspace was me and my Top 8.

Who wants to be twins after dating?

Source If you’re familiar with the hit Yo Gotti song, “Down In the DM,” OR the “Sliding into the DMs Like…” meme, then you understand that private messaging someone on social media has basc become a cultural phenomenon. We’re joking (kind of), but it IS true that a lot of people are choosing to communicate…

via 8 Male Celebrities Who Slid Into a Fan’s DMs Looking for a Hookup — Teen.com

Make me Harry Styles!

Confidence seems like an elusive quality that some people just have and others don’t. The truth is, anyone can work on and boost their confidence, but it doesn’t happen overnight. This TED-Ed video explains where confidence comes from and three tips to feel more confident about yourself.Read more…

via Three Ways to Raise Your Confidence — Lifehacker


Photo Credit: Ava’s Instagram Ava Kolker will be attending the Young Artists Awards and is actually going to present at the ceremony. We posted previously that Ava has been nominated under the “Best Performance in a TV Series Category” so big congratulations to this smol bean for nomination! We hope you win Ava and couldn’t be more…

via Ava is going to be presenting at the Young Artist Awards — Girl Meets World Fan Website • Your #1 Source For Girl Meets World News