That is not necessary to say “That’s Not Me” (it’s a Bianca Ryan single) to Lisa and Laura Fowler because Leesa and Laura Andrew through Brennan like Elizabeth Barrett-Browning…

I mean, I don’t mean to be rude, but…

You are wrong and I am right!


The Tomlinson Sisters

It is only two Tomlinson Sisters (Payne’s Nicola, Ruthie, Nat Horan, & no younger Styles) in his new pop girl group or duo, Lottie (Charlotte, North Carolina) and Felicite “Lisa” Tomlinson like Taylor and Tori Thompson that are memorable and you are going to remember, ask Louis if he is Larry! I am not for that to be Doniya because she is not only the same thing as Texas, but is also an online shop, a hairdresser, and a makeup artist!

Daliyha Lashes– because we were $20 pom pom keychains, but now we are $24 fake eyelashes!

Jodie Leanne Sweetin- $20 Fuller House Season 1 DVD has Netflix on it!

Lindsey Summers- $18 Alloy reads like Textrovert with Wattpad on it!

Therefore, I am not a Laura, a Three Little Pigs, a ZozeeBo, a Jimbo, and a Bo Bice! Are these 3 things $62 altogether after I decided that I am a $59 black Patagonia skirt on September 15 to 17 this year? Patagonia is Self-Esteem because we are going to go to (future) Patagonia like Davis did (past)! I do (present) the same thing as Davis! Amazon. One Direction’s five albums in long play deluxe is $121! That’s $242! Not Scorpion, Harry Potter, and Twilight Blu-rays, but I am 90210 Blu-rays! Are you for this kind of post again? I haven’t opened One Direction yet! Not extended plays and singles! Is it that all? Twins are Niall & Nat, not Liam, Louis, & Harry!

They were knitting shawls-so femme










Chocolate phone & iPhone

New “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever” on January 15! I am not 5’11.5″, and women’s 10.5 shoe!

I think I am from Santa Barbara or Santa Rosa-Healdsburg like how Cimorelli is from Davis! MC Lars and Sara Bareilles! I think these two are Calvary in Manlius! Three.

I’m looking? Go on my Santa Barbara search that is the one I got us like Zayn did for his whole entire family, like Teddy?






http://www.patagonia.com/product/womens-seabrook-hoody/54905.html?dwvar_54905_color=PUR&cgid=womens-sweatshirts-hoodies#start=1 – I wonder if you’re like pyjama shorts, hats and accessories next! Accessories.


I think I am the only one here and I can go here again and again by heart!  Who should they be again like how Steinway & Sons (LVB) is pianos and Levitt & Sons is housing developments? I bet I am still India.Arie (my classmates!) and She & Him (Zooey Deschanel is Sara Bareilles)! I only go to the CDs and music. I think we are moving to Healdsburg. This listing is only $699,500!  That’s wrong, right, friends? Is that wrong, right? I just went to Healdsburg in the last season of 90210 in 2013. No more extras zeroes, okay? Change it back to 700k like it was! Kill! It’s less than a million. Talk to me and Zayn right now. I know I am from Levin & Company Books & Music, not Stevens Books. Levin is new, not just or only used. Like Eureka and Santa Rosa. He’s a CD. Zayn’s a CD. I think we got a third CD. Harry Styles is #4. That Zayn is India.Arie and that I got both Sara Bareilles and Harry Styles in Healdsburg. Healdsburg is only mine ($543,000) and 600,000 something! That’s a typo! Are we moving? What public middle school do you go to, Bastien? That’s what I am now, Fresno! The plaza and the mall. Healdsburg has a community college and a Sonoma county state university. I was a tourist at first, do I want to be raised in Healdsburg, does Healdsburg love me? Healdsburg loves me!

“I want her!”

“To live in a tourist town like I once was but now I’m a resident!”

“I was a tourist at first, do I want to be raised in Healdsburg, does Healdsburg love me? Healdsburg loves me!”

It’s too easy for me, I’m done, I did that, I’m a baker now.


Babies baking in a bakery.

I was Moustache. Or the Downtown Bakery & Creamery.

~*~ I was not raised on/did not get/have TruMoo chocolate milk.


Let’s see if Healdsburg loves me on Instagram? Why do I love Healdsburg so much after Sonoma State University rejected me? I don’t want anyone to buy it and it’s actually only Healdsburg’s normal $543-699k! I am Liberal Studies, and yes, I am not Liberal Studies, nor do I need anyone to be Liberal Studies, it just so happens that I am friends with a Liberal Studies major! What do you do in Liberal Studies here in the Bay Area? Lemony Snicket!

Nothing new until Halloween! I was just October 4 Pow Wow and September 15 “in six months, Six Apart”)! Last 5 episodes of Gidget is going to take me six months to watch?

I think I’m going to be done with Gidget on March 20 and then I have Easter Sunday school (teacher) on April 16. It’s too far in the future!

George Novelo

998-410-0960. Cancun – Can’t we go to like Costa Rica or something like that first for my senior portrait? I’m going to kill Julian “Bean” Delphi Key, Jr. Angela & David Hudson is Adrianna McPhee! We were 5’7.75″ and 5’7 3/4″, too, Spencer List. Evan Sabara. Aramis Knight is Twin Strangers! He’s half German Wikipedia in Frankfurt and half- full whole 100% pure blooded Asian: a quarter Pakistani and a quarter Indian. Brandon. Like Peyton Meyer. Hey Harto. The Dark Knight Rises. Mr. Laughlin/Sanders/Saunders! I’m still track & field in Team Sports, right? Megan is not a name at all, but Mrs/Ms, madame/mademoiselle, like Miss Nicole Flores or Miss Renee Kotowski, but not Megan/Miranda before their actual name.

Megan Renee Kotowski (1991 – 2006) – Find A Grave Memorial

Source: Megan Renee Kotowski (1991 – 2006) – Find A Grave Memorial

Me and xSJPx on YouTube, anyone? Her birthday is coming up and there is an internet birthday party online on livestream on YouTube!

Monday, March 13, 2017 – “Kids” or “Time To Pretend” – MGMT!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017 – “Dark Blue” by Jack’s Mannequin!

I can only afford two Calia sport bras, two Hanes tank tops, and no more Kohl’s gym shorts (Carolina large is 6’0″ tall) right now! Stop trying to take my stuff off of me, and put them on you!

Verizon Wireless is LG!

I am getting this one, but first I need a contacts list and Teddy doesn’t have one and I am not mom and dad! What is Gwyneth’s cell phone contacts list, only Zayn first? I think I’m Zayn because my little brother doesn’t have a proper one like mine! That’s why I’m only just Zayn! Timmy the next one though! Hannah Montana TV series, I think that’s all of them- only just Zayn Malik and Timmy Nguyen! There are more people here and that I am not only just Zayn is Timmy, that’s why he invited Timmy! I don’t think I’m Teddy and I don’t think I’m Gwyneth! Who are we? Who we are! My grown-up years is Zooey Deschanel! I not you I am…? Stopped there! There are a lot of people who died in 2006, or June 20, 2008 for me and canadiangirl04! Hannah Montana is the worst thing to be ever! Zayn looks like an LG. Shabbir is selling pink LG Chocolate Touch panel phones! Whoever is Hannah Montana is going to be second! In Search of the Partridge Family (the best friend) is still a VH1 reality show like A Shot At Love With Tila Tequila (also mine too), not The New Partridge Family!! I’m not the strawberry Nokia and Star-TAC! I am still way too young for the Chocolate phone, and it’s the third strawberry cell phone, the first two were 1974 and 1981! I want my baking job, though! “I really love to bake…” Brownies. Cupcakes.