The Lying Game

I'm getting sick and tired of Squared! At the same time as mine every single day! Jordan and Tyler are Jordan and Evan! And on Laura Marano's birthday on November 29, 1995 like mine and Zayn's is on January 12, 1993! Decembers like Jason Urgo was! You already said this before me, but every day… Continue reading The Lying Game


Amber Brown Is Not A Crayon

I wanted her to be a Sagittarius like National Pearl Harbour Remembrance Day born in 1992 on the day that the Lusitania sunk in 1941! What do you mean you need Tiffany Alvord? She is older than me like Curtis Smith was in Michael A. Maroon Elementary School and Shay Mitchell was in Mississauga! I… Continue reading Amber Brown Is Not A Crayon

The Virtual War Chronologs: The Clones

Daryl and Evan Sabara are not Brigand and Corgan because Brigand is dead and one of the Sabara twins is going to die, too, like Peyton and Spencer List! I thought it was really sad like Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets or What the Dog Said! I am looking for a disease theme!… Continue reading The Virtual War Chronologs: The Clones