Books I Want to Read

I know what can go on here! The books we can buy right now in the current events. I’m a shopaholic. Currently reading/haven’t read, rated & reviewed yet. I wish I could say that I read these, but I did not read these… juvenile chapter books, teenreads, encyclopedias, plays, and photography books! Haven’t picked it up/opened it/started it yet! Borrowed/Rental belongs to the Gossip Girl books- which is still going on with me, Blair, and Mrs. Waldorf is Ted’s and Tamyra Gray, it’s about crossing one’s legs to make them look longer, you, knuckle-cracker! Zayn used to have short arms and brown hair.

Mother’s Day

Amber Brown is Tickled Pink

Amber Brown is Green with Envy


Columbia Encyclopedia Sixth Edition


Sing – was not me


Zayn – pics

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child – play

Our World – pics

Nat/RoseBlood’s 1/32nd Asian or 1/32nd White?

Nat Horan/Nat Bure Memoir



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