I don’t want you to see Ali’s Pretty Little Lies and to cover up “pretty” with my thumb because I just damaged it and Myst and Splintered are fixing/protecting it right now!
There’s Ali’s Pretty Little Lies!

I’m not sure if I know how to speak in complete sentences yet so I’m not sure what my tongue should be on here, but that I scored ENFP on SimilarMinds.com in November 2007 during Ashley Tisdale’s workout page (Ashley just signed up for Tumblr on June 17, 2014 during the Little Twin Stars Theme at the same time as me!) in Carrie Underwood; am a young Capricorn borderline-onset Aquarius not a cusp although I want Capricorn to be the 12th of January, 1993 not Aquarius and that’s Aquarius so be How Helen; a female fangirl of chick lit and chick flick; from Raleigh, North Carolina and Syracuse, New York; and lives on the road in a Flying Cloud Airstream before Tour Bus! I think “young” was my horoscope, in either the year of the Rabbit, or the year of the Monkey, Rooster, to be Harry Styles or the Taurus Dad, but never the Dog, which is the same as the Mom!

This playlist is for me to change my video on my Tumblelog^

Do you think we can be Tumblr not the first midnight of Halloween of 2013 for Wikimedians? What day is that the 19th or the 20th? What year is that 1990 or 1989?

Virgo and Dragon not mine but the Horse or the Snake!

If I am going to be tricked by the year of the Rat, then my horoscope is true! That’s Erika, Sabrina Krievins, and Katharine McPhee!

I think I’m Lyrics and Horror Movies! I’m Wikipedian-approved!

I am going on large-print if that was nine-year-old Laura not eleven-year-old Mary going on twelve! I think Laura Ingalls Wilder or The Wilderness Family has a twin brother older than Farmer Boy Charles and Carrie! I think she’s Carrie! I never get to do Grace because she’s Perrie Edwards and I don’t know who was Perrie! Little Mix or The Powerpuff Girls was my three or four sisters or aunts! I never know who was Perrie!

Well my group blog is real, we’re going to have Alyssa Daniels.

I have never braided my hair before let alone in two pigtails for twins!

I’m Vancouver, Washington to be Pennsylvania where Beaver Falls is in Pittsburgh for Twin Toys.

Someone made Tasha McCauley follow Girl Scouts dot org where I don’t remember being Ashley Tisdale instead of Jennifer for Sister Sister not Smart Guy!

The reason we (CyberGrrlz or PurplePJs is related to me because Holly is going to be in a wheelchair not a stroller so that must be the identical twins Leesa & Laura Andrew) were on Girl Scouts is because North Dakota was really high up there and not mine!

I think bring back Martine Natasha Johnson Kline not GitHub for Wikipedia/Wattpad!




Christie Dodd

Since they are not you, you are not related to identical twins! It’s not for YouTube! Remember? You’re not YouTube! It’s not even for a user on YouTube or YouTubers either! I want you to “Undo It” right now!

I think FoxLuvr72 is The Rybka Twins; Sam and Teagan are for Topamax at Raleigh Neurology because:

When I moved to the DVD player after not 7th Heaven on the WB or now the CW with Summerland and What I Like About You, I was all about “can somebody please come over here and help me set up all of my DVD equipment?” Blu Ray is still called DVD out loud aloud.


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