My parents gave or give everything to me and do everything for me and they are The Madden Brothers and The Mian Twins.

I am putting on a presentation in Computer Applications I, II, III (Sanderson High ’08-’11), & IV (LAC SCA NC ’12-17) because I was just as moderately wealthy as Emma Roberts, the youngest Emma that I know, Columbian, her meal plan, her winter sports workout (snowboarding, skiing, ice skating, and snowball fighting), etc.

First, let’s go to YouTube. My little brother said that I make it “So Easy” not look so easy?

  1. Go to WordPress, Wikia, Wix, or Wattpad next. I think I go on tongue, tongue piercing, tongue ring, Fern Walters, and Emily Fields. You can find me in a tattoo parlour getting a new tattoo done.
  2. Now, go on Instagram.
  3. This Facebook account was my 1993-born class homework in third grade at Fayetteville Elementary School on November 15, 2001. She was Mrs. Badman/Bickers, Smith/White, and Lambert/Asbury United Methodist Church! I think you’re Mrs. Zullo, the blonde one! We are never getting out of here! Louis Tomlinson is still in the fourth grade with Lizzie McGuire! I moved to Cher Lloyd is why we’re in third grade like Arthur on Rootle! I believe my only other accounts lauralai.bogartz was Gilmore Girls and lyrafletcher was Musical.ly. I only have three Facebook accounts because I was just Frances Paz.
  4. Tumblr is ‘Violetnese’ because I forgot the Raleigh Greek Festival in early September 1981 and Welsh Neopets!
  5. Finally, Blogger or Blogspot is Tumblr because I want the new iPhone every year it comes out for Squared and my twin brother, who was so ten minutes ago on YouTube!

I think that’s all folks, going back to my North Carolina Sierra Club book bag:

  1. 2 keychains
  2. on 2 shoulder straps
  3. Dollar General Wallet
  4. 2
  5. months
  6. of
  7. 8
  8. tampons
  9. and
  10. and/or
  11. pads
  12. Frozen blu-ray disc, DVD, and digital copy (Just like Fifty Shades Darker!)
  13. S. Darko blu-ray disc
  14. 10 Things I Hate About You blu-ray disc
  15. The Identicals by Elin Hilderbrand
  16. February 2013 Get Hot In The Cold
  17. 2 dumb-
  18. -bells
  19. Zayn – Mind of Mine CD
  20. 11-inch Google Chromebook

Zayn knows how many little brothers and sister I have in case you forgot Austin Mahone! One Direction is Sister, Sister starring Tia & Tamera, the two older twin sisters of Tahj Mowry, the guy who played Ted on Full House!





eBay!!! I don’t really like Amazon, but I looove eBay!!!

Goodreads My backpack also has two sets of clothes in it, deodorant, a toothbrush, a hair straightener and a comb. The dumbbells are really heavy!

Someone is really mean!

I’m going to have to go with eBay, YouTube, and WordPress! This was me or mine deciding or choosing or contemplating or thinking about which one or what one I want to be! Twitter is done! Only 133 of you are following @zaynmalik! 133 Tweets is plenty enough! YouTube is Twitter, though!!! Stay. Done. Finished. Complete. Saxophones.

I’m going to have a long sentence or phrase in my subject line, so my links widget should be longer than my gravatar widget, recent comments and recent posts at the bottom!

I want something from Evelyn & Titi:



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