I have to take care of Christmas babies!

I have to take care of Christmas babies! I am going to take care of mine! Shouldn’t we be in Fayetteville-Manlius High School in 2002 and not I mean instead of Aaron Carter’s tourbus? His twin sister Angel Carter is Amy Carter! And Amy Carter is going to be The Hilton Sisters with me!


Today is November 15, 2001 so it is Christmas!

That’s Rowan Blanchard’s family. It’s Christmas Every Day! That’s why we’re Evelyn and Titi. They were born on the same day as Candice Glover except in 2002 instead of 1989. That’s why we’re Evelyn and Titi.

I think someone like icelandichurricane our neighbors downstairs while we were playing video games GameCube and N64 was born on this day too in Miley Cyrus’s and Tiffany Alvord’s and Megan’s and Liz’s not icelandichurricane and One Direction though.

I think Ginny Weasley is Athan Maroulis so it’s Aaron Carter up there in alwayspureblood born exactly like Blake Lively and Angel Carter as hmwith.

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Did you find my main tumblelog from here?

I am going to buy with real money direct-to-video DVD’s or Blu-ray Discs of fraternal twin sisters (They are between an older brother and a younger brother like on the Disney Channel show Liv & Maddie!) Evelyn and Titi of Detroit, Michigan because they are from Carrie Elizabeth Hemingway, Jena Irene, Malaya Watson, Jamie Stalica, two Arianas, and Megan and Liz!

I think we can stay here.

I think you need to watch it again.

I’m a twin and I know that for a fact. We used to follow the Olsen twins at the video rental shop.