Category:Family musical groups[edit]

I suggest putting this article in Category:Family musical groups because Louis Tomlinson is producing a girl group for his sisters, Zayn is looking for his long-lost twin sister, Liam & Harry are big brother and little sister, and Niall is two older same-sex siblings before her! I thought I already told you that they are all second cousins like Erin and Leeann were with us. Second cousins means that One Direction, stemmed from either the words “overdose” and “identity” when using the number 1 instead of the letter o, that he is not one in a million nor one of a kind, but a twin, all share the same grandparents, great-uncles, and great-aunts. Fraternal quintuplets. Zayn Malik is in Category:Twin musiciansCategory:Fraternal twin male actors, and Category:Twin people from England. The only one he is related to is Megan and Liz, not identical twins. The only one he is related to is Spencer List. Zayn is the only fraternal twin in England. — (talk) 20:27, 17 July 2017 (UTC)


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