Don’t click back to the old YouTube!

But I don’t want to click back to the old YouTube! Don’t click on the corporate and professional stuff on the new dark theme YouTube!


ASUS Google Chromebook 23 March 2016

Chromebook is very sweaty and I live in Raleigh, North Carolina in Texarkana (Louisiana!) in the hot and humid south! “I got mine wet too!” said someone like me. “Mine got sweaty too!”

I didn’t know we could have a sweat resistant cloth to wipe the touchpad.

I didn’t know we could have a velcro strap to tie the battery cord around with.

Is Squared in Louisiana? Louis Tomlinson

getting ready to go on squared!

who is number 9 in Squared’s featured channels list? I am in Squared! I am Evelyn & Titi, the guys Kai & Taylor and Jordan & Tyler, and Brooklyn & Bailey! That is called Zayn’s, that is supposed to be what Zayn is supposed to be, to have 1992 to be a year older than he is, that’s why they’re 25. I think Zayn is the highest and oldest one. I am not for Squared to be 7 days a week the same 7 twins every week! Can me and Zayn be in Squared’s featured channels list ninth and tenth, you can only have ten? #9- #10- I think a guy and a girl is about to come on Squared, I think me and Zayn! Oh I thought there were only eight! I think eleven now though. I think Roku player was eight or eleven. we are moving to calvary.

hitrecord, my twin is upstairs!

I’m getting sick and tired of Squared! At the same time as mine every single day! Jordan and Tyler are Jordan and Evan! And on Laura Marano’s birthday on November 29, 1995 like mine and Zayn’s is on January 12, 1993! Decembers like Jason Urgo was!

You already said this before me, but every day I record a short video on on Google Chrome (I want to for longer than a few seconds and minutes though) and every day after that I post it to

And it’s the same thing every single day. Kai and Taylor are guys. If you have a Squared playlist with your twin. I want us to be Squared. That’s why I’m getting sick of Squared if it’s not for Zayn, but women, young women, and girls instead of a guy and a girl or two guys.


Category:Family musical groups[edit]

I suggest putting this article in Category:Family musical groups because Louis Tomlinson is producing a girl group for his sisters, Zayn is looking for his long-lost twin sister, Liam & Harry are big brother and little sister, and Niall is two older same-sex siblings before her! I thought I already told you that they are all second cousins like Erin and Leeann were with us. Second cousins means that One Direction, stemmed from either the words “overdose” and “identity” when using the number 1 instead of the letter o, that he is not one in a million nor one of a kind, but a twin, all share the same grandparents, great-uncles, and great-aunts. Fraternal quintuplets. Zayn Malik is in Category:Twin musiciansCategory:Fraternal twin male actors, and Category:Twin people from England. The only one he is related to is Megan and Liz, not identical twins. The only one he is related to is Spencer List. Zayn is the only fraternal twin in England. — (talk) 20:27, 17 July 2017 (UTC)