I’m Yours

I am only on episode #5! I think Netflix wants to live forever! Netflix is going out for us all! Jeff Bezos and Warren Buffet can be Casanova, Crisis In Six Scenes, Wishenpoof, and Hulu.







13 Reasons Why

I just saw this on Tumblr last night on Teen.com and was like, yeah, sure, of course!

She’s not Girl Meets World and 90210!

And “Who just died?” has been going on since Picking Up The Pieces in elementary school!

I am going to follow Cassandra’s career if she’s getting one after Family/Famous In Love!

Instagram is ZAYN.

Tumblr is Harry Potter Tumblers.

This was my Diary, it’s going to be a big name Magazine someday.

Which one is the family car, the 1986 Oldsmobile?


Make me too young again, “1986”!

Still Got Time

I just heard “Still Got Time” on Kinston’s Top 40 radio station pulse 102.5 fm after thinking about Amanda Brendle at Lowe’s Home Improvement! Kingston! We have not! Three more hours! The Bachelor! Did Bonnie Fuller just changed that to DWTS? Aries? She doesn’t know which one is hers! She was Michelle and Ashley! Wes & Erin… Their last name really is Malik over there! Malik!

Steak & Shake

Can I go home with Harry Styles? Sara Bareilles was Waitress for this and some Hardee’s!

Tonight I am so watching DWTS 24.3 and The Twins: Happily Ever After 1.3!

I don’t want to record anymore after Spring Equinox!

Peanut Butter on G105 is Bob and the Showgram’s brain tumor thing at Duke!

Ice cream brain freeze let’s chill! Are you Timmy?