me and the Tisdale sisters!

WhatsApp is what’s up!
I am your equal!
Just DKNY, Guess, Juicy Couture, and Tommy Hilfigerjeans!
Everything else is accessories!
Dolce & Gobbana and Gucci are bags and clutches!
Michael Kors and Ray-Bans should only be sunglasses!
And UGG is over it now! Blue jeans!


family channel

I am about to talk to my family on WhatsApp and Snapchat! Styles is from anglo-india and Malik is downloaded or PD’d The Little Princess, but only available for free online! Christmas Eve and Virgos. Twins Family Network/Channel? Trent and Lizzie (Marisa Lander)?
Well Marisa Lander is all white not very Mulatto nor Blasian, but Full Black!
She and me were 1988-born classmates, only a year later!
She’s Doniya’s!
Can I have an LG Chocolate? Touch? Touch panel? I think LG is Stein Mart! Only child? But you make a bad writer though to me! Is this all because I know what 1988 should be? Dougie & Sonny are Dan & Joe! I am going to rework me to a dirty strawberry blond or pink! Bella Thorne’s? I did not call her a redhead! Are redheads short? Dark red is auburn! And then brown/purple/green/blue/black! That’s a white blond! I think Lady Gaga and Zuz were partially deaf!