#أمـي ✿✾➷

احلى شي عند امي لون #عيونها
شما اركز بيها ادوخ بلونها
الناس خابصها الخضار من #السواد
وامي صورة #والدي اعله جفونها

امي لو غابت مثل #شمعة انطفي
مو اموت اتلاشى واصغر واختفي
امي التربي چذب يعرف يخون
لو تربي #الذيب هم يطلع #وفي

لا اطول السالفة ولا عيدها
الدنية ظلمة وروحي گمرة تريدها
اليبوس الايد ينذل شي اكيد
وامي ترفع راسي لو بست ايدها

#amy ✿✾➷ ‘ahlaa shy eind amy lawn #eyunaha shmma ‘urakkiz byha adwkh biluniha alnnas khabisha alkhidar min #alssuad wa’ummi surat #walidi aelh jufunaha amy law ghabat mithl #shmieat antfy mw ‘amut aittilashaa waisghir waikhtafi amy altturbi chdhb yaerif yakhun law turabbi #aldhib hum yatlue #wfi la ‘atwal alssalifat wala eiduha alddnniat zulmat waruhi gmrt turiduha alybws al’ayd yndhl shy ‘akid wa’ummi turfae rasi law bst ‘iydha

# My mother ✾➷✾➷ The best of my mother Shama Arkz Biaha colored in color People cropped vegetables of # blacks And mom’s picture # My parents admonished her Emi Lo absent like # candle Ante Mo-Amut fades, disappears and disappears My mother is growing up If they raise # the wolf they get out # and Do not prolong the past or her feast Darkness and spirit are great The jubilee of the hands crouches for sure Amy raises her head with her best hands



alllahumm arziqni ywmaan wahdaan la ashtam bih ahdaan ✌(¯)¯) alllisani ma yageid rahah mw biaday ;-;

اللهم ارزقني يوماً واحداً لا اشتم به احداً ✌(¯︶¯) اللساني ما يگعد راحه مو بيدي ؛-؛

O God, grant me one day, I will not accuse anyone of it.

Move to Saudi Arabia, you are all mine!

They are all 100% whole pure blooded full white over there!

Am I Arabic? is عمل/eamal/Action!

What did you get? Hieroglyphics! Misty of Chincoteague!


  • violetnese@twinstrangers how far is @zayn from me right now? can you call it ‘stay close to me’? 24th march 2017
  • violetneseThe show: You don’t know if you want One Direction to be quintuplets or me and Zayn Malik to be twins! But you do know that we are five best friends! Zayn must choose who he wants most- his twin or his band- while his twin replaces him in his band! You are based on Textrovert by DoNotMicrovave!
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I think wordpress email followers are my Facebook friends who are both following me in their email inbox and their Facebook news feed. Well Constantine can only have 5,000 Facebook friends because that and under is how much every single state and territory  public university tuition costs in every single state and territory in the United States of America, RubberMaid or Worcestershire sauce (it’s Anglo-Indian), but not Boston? Do I still know that glue is underneath my scab and stickers are shiny underneath?

I think Tumblr and Google+ have some followers, but no more Twitter followers! That was Twitter! I only want every other social sharing site of wordpress, not Twitter is right because I was Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows wisdom teeth back then! Does anybody else have four two by two wisdom teeth from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows? Not LinkedIn is right because I am only going on for four two by two wisdom teeth from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows! “She don’t like me!” I am not getting mine until the seventh book and The Tales of Beedle the Bard, Zoella + 1990!

DoNotMicrovave & isabelleronin

ProtonMail said that I am Textrovert, Chasing Red, and Always Red; not Wattpad spam, can I talk on the phone with you instead of this? I think I am only Wattpad messages from DoNotMicrovave & isabelleronin and news alerts from Zayn Malik, that is all, are you my town? I mean, your IQ isn’t how white you are, is it?, and did you just call mulattoes retarded? I didn’t (don’t want u back?) want to be a retard anymore! I know from more life experience now, all of ours’ nipples are getting bigger!