how about hurt with a t?

Can somebody please give me none whatsoever and no affiliation (with anything!) instead of hungry because I just lost a lot of blood after me and Zayn got a fake splinter?

I need something new, After Dark…

I don’t have a splinter.

That is not a splinter!

I think Zayn spits?

Can somebody please move my stomach for me?


The Tomlinson Sisters

It is only two Tomlinson Sisters (Payne’s Nicola, Ruthie, Nat Horan, & no younger Styles) in his new pop girl group or duo, Lottie (Charlotte, North Carolina) and Felicite “Lisa” Tomlinson like Taylor and Tori Thompson that are memorable and you are going to remember, ask Louis if he is Larry! I am not for that to be Doniya because she is not only the same thing as Texas, but is also an online shop, a hairdresser, and a makeup artist!

Daliyha Lashes– because we were $20 pom pom keychains, but now we are $24 fake eyelashes!

Jodie Leanne Sweetin- $20 Fuller House Season 1 DVD has Netflix on it!

Lindsey Summers- $18 Alloy reads like Textrovert with Wattpad on it!

Therefore, I am not a Laura, a Three Little Pigs, a ZozeeBo, a Jimbo, and a Bo Bice! Are these 3 things $62 altogether after I decided that I am a $59 black Patagonia skirt on September 15 to 17 this year? Patagonia is Self-Esteem because we are going to go to (future) Patagonia like Davis did (past)! I do (present) the same thing as Davis! Amazon. One Direction’s five albums in long play deluxe is $121! That’s $242! Not Scorpion, Harry Potter, and Twilight Blu-rays, but I am 90210 Blu-rays! Are you for this kind of post again? I haven’t opened One Direction yet! Not extended plays and singles! Is it that all? Twins are Niall & Nat, not Liam, Louis, & Harry!