I did Tiffany Alvord

I wanted her to be a Sagittarius like National Pearl Harbour Remembrance Day born in 1992 on the day that the Lusitania sunk in 1941!

What do you mean you need Tiffany Alvord? She is older than me like Curtis Smith was in Michael A. Maroon Elementary School and Shay Mitchell was in Mississauga!

I am doing Dakota Fanning from Man on Fire, The Cat in the Hat, and I Am Sam but not Charlotte’s Web (it’s Amber Brown Is Not A Crayon) yet! I think I am her.

Where do you want to meet me?


Can I go to a better one than NC State?

When I said that there is nothing popular enough on the radio for me that I want to record something like One Direction! Can I be taller than 5’10” when I said that I was taller than 5’11.5″. It is not here yet! It hasn’t come out yet! Tiffany Alvord? Her name starts with a T, too, and her last name is at the beginning of the alphabet, too! I think that is Tiffany Alvord, not her! Tiffany Alvord is an albacore in a school of fish like me!

The Book of Mormon

I am going to read The New Era. I can do that after an online BA in Leadership in the Public Sector at Google on Google Chrome and iMac!

The only 2 things I like at NC State are the Howling Cow (I am for the College of Agriculture & Life Science for Life Science and Environmental Science like the School of Communication Arts said) and the new James B. Hunt, Jr library! (I was a rich Ivy League or British kid actor in the WiFi and vending machines sections!) Not pistachio anymore mint chocolate chip!

This was Maple View, the Morehead Planetarium at Carolina, and the Botanical Duke Gardens! Bees, hives, combs, and honey and Blue Devils hornet stuff. I’ve got bee stung lips like a cupid’s bow there with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Devon Aoki!