I am not Napa!

There is no one here for miles until Napa (LiLo) and this is a tourist attraction! I’m a tourist of the southeast Virginia! California is Raleigh, North Carolina. Refrigerator-Crescent City lemongrass lip balm, it was melting! You’re South Carolina peach cobbler!

The only house here in Healdsburg is mine! Who did we leave in Healdsburg? The arts & crafts store! I want you to leave me here! That is mine!

All of my fans live in apartments, townhomes, and condominiums like India.Arie’s is! And we sell my album in Levin & Company like She & Him’s debut album is!

Is that going to be One Direction? Those are all the CDs of artists’ families who are for it! The North Bay Area is Full & Fuller House! I don’t read enough books, to read more books, ‘cos I didn’t get enough time to look at middle grade books, and at Copperfield’s too!