Where’s the library?

Healdsburg Regional Library! Can we move to Healdsburg right now? I am also doing the master’s and doctorate’s Leadership in the Public Sector, not only just the bachelor’s at out-of-state North Carolina State University Online and Distance Education, but right now I am still in the midst of getting my high school diploma in!

Oh my fault it’s mine rappers listen to hip hop & R&B! Rap! I don’t know nor care what my new high school is called, but the one you don’t know either is the right one, not Eureka, Eureka was Jesse O! I have a new high school like Meghan!


NC State Online & Distance Education’s Leadership in the Public Sector was Liberal Studies!

I want to do this in the San Francisco Bay Area (is this new townhome mine? I’m lost!) where Google, Apple, Yahoo, Wikimedia, Goodreads etc, are based in, not Wake County Schools, go ask the Canadian National Conservatory in Toronto what Degrassi is! Taylor & Kat!

That was me! These new townhouses are just like the houses in Full and Fuller House!

“I like her!” said them when they used to be Liberal Studies but now it is Leadership in the Public Sector! Leadership and Sector! Who? University of La Verne and Sonoma State University? I have to live in/move to California because it is Online and Distance! Typo?

I am not Napa!

There is no one here for miles until Napa (LiLo) and this is a tourist attraction! I’m a tourist of the southeast Virginia! California is Raleigh, North Carolina. Refrigerator-Crescent City lemongrass lip balm, it was melting! You’re South Carolina peach cobbler!

The only house here in Healdsburg is mine! Who did we leave in Healdsburg? The arts & crafts store! I want you to leave me here! That is mine!

All of my fans live in apartments, townhomes, and condominiums like India.Arie’s is! And we sell my album in Levin & Company like She & Him’s debut album is!

Is that going to be One Direction? Those are all the CDs of artists’ families who are for it! The North Bay Area is Full & Fuller House! I don’t read enough books, to read more books, ‘cos I didn’t get enough time to look at middle grade books, and at Copperfield’s too!