Chocolate phone & iPhone

New “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever” on January 15! I am not 5’11.5″, and women’s 10.5 shoe!

I think I am from Santa Barbara or Santa Rosa-Healdsburg like how Cimorelli is from Davis! MC Lars and Sara Bareilles! I think these two are Calvary in Manlius! Three.

I’m looking? Go on my Santa Barbara search that is the one I got us like Zayn did for his whole entire family, like Teddy? – I wonder if you’re like pyjama shorts, hats and accessories next! Accessories.

I think I am the only one here and I can go here again and again by heart!  Who should they be again like how Steinway & Sons (LVB) is pianos and Levitt & Sons is housing developments? I bet I am still India.Arie (my classmates!) and She & Him (Zooey Deschanel is Sara Bareilles)! I only go to the CDs and music. I think we are moving to Healdsburg. This listing is only $699,500!  That’s wrong, right, friends? Is that wrong, right? I just went to Healdsburg in the last season of 90210 in 2013. No more extras zeroes, okay? Change it back to 700k like it was! Kill! It’s less than a million. Talk to me and Zayn right now. I know I am from Levin & Company Books & Music, not Stevens Books. Levin is new, not just or only used. Like Eureka and Santa Rosa. He’s a CD. Zayn’s a CD. I think we got a third CD. Harry Styles is #4. That Zayn is India.Arie and that I got both Sara Bareilles and Harry Styles in Healdsburg. Healdsburg is only mine ($543,000) and 600,000 something! That’s a typo! Are we moving? What public middle school do you go to, Bastien? That’s what I am now, Fresno! The plaza and the mall. Healdsburg has a community college and a Sonoma county state university. I was a tourist at first, do I want to be raised in Healdsburg, does Healdsburg love me? Healdsburg loves me!

“I want her!”

“To live in a tourist town like I once was but now I’m a resident!”

“I was a tourist at first, do I want to be raised in Healdsburg, does Healdsburg love me? Healdsburg loves me!”

It’s too easy for me, I’m done, I did that, I’m a baker now.

Babies baking in a bakery.

I was Moustache. Or the Downtown Bakery & Creamery.

~*~ I was not raised on/did not get/have TruMoo chocolate milk.


Let’s see if Healdsburg loves me on Instagram? Why do I love Healdsburg so much after Sonoma State University rejected me? I don’t want anyone to buy it and it’s actually only Healdsburg’s normal $543-699k! I am Liberal Studies, and yes, I am not Liberal Studies, nor do I need anyone to be Liberal Studies, it just so happens that I am friends with a Liberal Studies major! What do you do in Liberal Studies here in the Bay Area? Lemony Snicket!

Nothing new until Halloween! I was just October 4 Pow Wow and September 15 “in six months, Six Apart”)! Last 5 episodes of Gidget is going to take me six months to watch?

I think I’m going to be done with Gidget on March 20 and then I have Easter Sunday school (teacher) on April 16. It’s too far in the future!