The Pinkprint Deluxe Explicit

What I Wanna Be” – Remy Ma and Kehlani Parrish! Stay on K97.5! I think this was where I heard Malaya Watson, she is Halo Circus on 96.1!

Marisa Kuers Mailhes or Hannah was born in July 1987! Unless we are not older than that!

That was me! “You are older than me.” I thought Marisa was the hardest one, Texas A&M!

Michael & Hannah is not mine, “silly Michael”? Pia Manalo Hamilton or Devon Aoki. Linda.

Marisa Lander and Zayn Malik! Nicki Minaj! “Me & U” is Malaya! Marisa and Malaya are Zayn. Remy Ma and Kehlani Parrish are The Pinkprint and Zayn’s sophomore album at 8 AM tomorrow!