Andrew Nguyen, Harry Styles, Paul Muench, & Uncle Young’s Mugglenet

I am Marisa Lander’s best first friend and I am under house arrest with Paris and a short, fat, Zenon actor because “she is Dasha’s ‘my doggie ate my ownce or ice cream brain freeze let’s chill!” Leigh-Anne Pinnock’s pineapple bun made me look like 6’4″ and whites’ ice cream high ponytail!

Start with Hip Hop Till You Drop. I dance like her and He Said She Said!

Bread Store Mardi Gras, Easter is mine! She is Mara Wilson & Lisa Bogart, A to N, of, and Emergency Room 911!

Who thinks I’m going to kill or rape Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen? Are you all God and Mother Britain yet? I’m going to order my copy of Fuller House Season 1 DVD on the day it’s released (Mardi Gras), but we’re getting it on DeAna’s 29th birthday! Am I you know my car and my phone, what do you want me and her to be with Emerson Spartz? I still don’t think that I’m a celebrity. I’ve got you, though! I’m going to break Perrie’s heart because PERRIE EDWARDS is who needs a wheelchair- that is all deaf, one-sided, blind, and vocal paralysis- “hard of hearing”! I don’t like looking at her, Carrie is 10 and 3! MarisaLanderVEVO & urgo6667. My birthday party is after both Aquarius and Valentine’s Day in Pisces, too! Just a holiday blog, and the only one you want, not any other, not another, federal holidays, ballet, cougars, and writing; graphic design, photography, and art are the website! We can still handle it, we’re adults, I want her to live in a deader house! Cory & Topanga revival! Sleeping. Dream about going back to the bakery again! Reject me! Yeah, because, no! Why do you think? Stop it right now! I am is now like, we are the smartest blondes in the whole wide world web! Ted was not Kay, Kay is the second of May in April with mine, but Theodora Nutaitis-Lopez and Becca (Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex)! That’s what we’re doing right now The Panabaker Sisters!

Kim Possible

Kellie Pickler

Lemony Snicket

We’re going to have Mardi Gras on March 1st because I can’t concentrate, I’m too drunk! ow! ouchless! February 28-March 2!