Degrassi: Next Class (season 3)

I am going to kill Chelsea Clark! That’s why I don’t want Circuit City, Richmond, The Container Store, coffins, money jars, Jessie (why am I Lisa I don’t want her to be “olde” or have “giant blood” or “Greenlandic Gordon Giant”), and a purple LG Chocolate Touch, it’s not used, it’s brand new and it’s not discontinued, we/I/you have not bought me this iPhone lookalike yet! You are Olivia Scriven as Mýa Matlin next to Malik, Lola, and Frankie; but you really are not Zoe! They are Jonathan Gomez’s, he is a senior in university college in 2017. I want the new iPhone 8 this year before going to NYC &/or California in the summer. She’s Mexican. She’s going to laugh at a woman in crutches (I think mine?) at the near or penultimate end.

Did you know that I am still growing up older with

Most of our focus is on girls ages 10- 14 but we defiantly have women with smaller breasts wear some of our bras! I wear them all the time. The Luna, Tink and scout bras are good for more developed girls they have some compression and aren’t cotton.

I heard about these training bras from The New York Times North Carolina Edition! Some girl saw me looking at a pink striped 32B underwire push-up Candies bra, and was like, “That’s not you, yet!”

That’s how we made Yellowberry Company! Wyoming is Ridgecrest, California to Syracuse, New York.

“I don’t want that one to, yet!”

More scout bras:


And after these four Scout bras, I want everything! We are Ashley’s favorite book, not Mary-Kate’s! Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens is Little Dorrit and “Mommy, can I have some more breast milk?” while Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck is Trent, and Dickens starts with a “D” as in “Dad”! Go on WattPad!

Who is
-“none of these people were you”
-“you don’t know you’re beautiful” and
-“my parents take care of me”?

Update: I need to move to Syracuse for the 2026 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid and Amber. I’m going to check Calia, what is this B 1/2 bra designer called again, ThirdWave or ThirdLove?, Adore-Me, Maidenform (Barely There), and Yellowberry! Girls not mine anymore? Training bras! I think we’re Candies! No more of it though just like Dear’s white and pink top! I got one, Lady Gaga! Teen. BongoJeans competition is better than Dream Out Loud, Jockey is probably JCPenney! 17, odds, or 18, evens. I need to find the longest, leanest, and tallest one for him! Dream Out Loud said 11 & 13, Hollister was 15 Long, not Bongo 17 Long! Gilly Hicks or VS Pink? Pyjamas! I’m gonna be a real Hanes shopaholic like Marisa Kuers-Mailhes! She’s Jonathan. Marisa Lander. I want us altogether to “send out Selena” to the world for us/for ours, that she is us! Can we discontinue the iPhone instead of the new purple LG Chocolate Touch because Tori & I were Chocolate phones on Joe’s friend’s AIM bot! I want a Strawberry Chocolate? There is too a Touch panel but I can’t find it anywhere Joe and HitRecord see any yet Todrick (he’s in the Passenger’s seat like Paige in Scorpion on CBS & State Plate on INSP were instead of the driver’s seat like “Let Her Go” by Jasmine Thompson was)? Does Zayn look like an LG Strawberry Chocolate Touch panel yet? I want Zayn to have one then in a pic or video if he does! Can I go to someone really strange like Tila Tequila and Shabbir Malik? Those are Suong and Grandad Bogart in Eureka!