Who was just younger than Mary-Kate and Ashley?

“I’m The Rybka Twins!”

How much power and influence do Teagan & Sam have over us? They were on Australia’s Got Talent season 7 eliminated in semi final 3? That’s Squared, not Liz & Julia Nolan a day older than Louis Tomlinson from off of Big Brother season 17! The only ages I know is Sabrina Carpenter is Deja & Di-V! I think Aisha & Azra Mian, Teagan & Sam Rybka, Frankie & Izzy Casually, Caroline & Olivia, and Samantha and Madeleine Caleon are unknowable! I think Evelyn and Titi were Candice Glover! Michelle is going to meet her twin on a new episode of Full or Fuller House for Nicky & Alex! She’s Raven-Symone!

Oh I almost forgot too also as well I believe or think Daisy and Phoebe Tomlinson-Deakin are Jess & Jenna!

What I Just DM’d to Louis Tomlinson!

Zoë Violetnese Malik

Can Phoebe and Daisy Tomlinson-Deakin go on Squared? They are the same age as Evelyn & Titi were but we are not Evelyn and Titi any more and Zayn has green-gold hair like Titi, like Ernest and Doris! I think Evelyn and Titi are going into their freshman year of high school in Detroit, Michigan and are being taught by their favourite teacher Mrs. Carrie Elizabeth Hemingway, who was born on June 21st, 1990 like yours is!

Squared was The Rybka Twins!

I think Big Brother 17’s Liz and Julia Nolan are The Rybka Twins contortionists from Australia’s Got Talent 7 lost in semi final 3. The only ages I know off of Squared are The Nolan Twins are a day older than Louis Tomlinson and Deja and Di-V are a year younger than Tommy and he’s It Takes Two!

South Carolina was unusually close!

Yeah, that’s South Carolina. I’m Bucky & Rocky (he’s Cher Lloyd and Malaya Watson) and The Rybka Twins. I think I did the Disney internship there in the first year for only one year from February 9, 2006 to summer 2007 on Hilton Head Island where Bostonians go on vacation we were Candice Glover who was borned on the same day as Evelyn and Titi, went to the Big Sky Resort in Montana, and watched The Suite Life of Zack and Cody while laughing at me turning into Maddie and my hourglass! The Hurricane Mystery by Gertrude Chandler Warner was Charleston, North Carolina though! You know that piece of land between the Covington twins where Laura Lynn Covington is Britney Spears’ best friend, I think that’s Charleston, North Carolina.

Daisy and Phoebe Tomlinson-Deakin are about to go on Squared for Louis Tomlinson they were Evelyn and Titi and Mary-Kate and Ashley every Wednesday the day Jess and Jenna used to come on! The (Liz & Julia) Nolan Twins are from Big Brother 17 and they were born a day before him. That’s why Tuesdays are Frankie and Izzy Casually from Great Britain. Thursdays are Evelyn and Titi. Fridays are Samantha and Madeleine. Saturdays are Deja and Di-V. Sundays are The (Teagan and Sam) Rybka Twins from off of Australia’s Got Talent. Mondays should be Jordan and Evan Sieden not Jordan and Tyler or Kai and Taylor!

The Ral Greek Fest on September 8th to 10th and the Chasing Red sequel Always Red on November 7th to 9th isn’t here yet, but in one month, Fuller House season 3 should start appearing on Netflix soon!

My broccoli and applesauce

I should be doing this, I should be here, this is where I’m supposed to be, not at the Charleston, South Carolina solar eclipse tomorrow on the 21st of August in 2017!

Amanda went to the College of Charleston on February 9th, 2006 before us all and did English, Business Administration, and Art for only one year before “I’m not doing this anymore, I just don’t like it anymore,” and I understand her!

I have a lot of broccoli and applesauce in my hair for you and it’s not dyed green and gold.

The Great New York State Fair

We are going to the Great New York State fair and it’s just like the Humboldt County Fair!

Both of them are Wednesday, August 23rd to Monday, September 4th this year!

And then we are having an 8th grade Halloween carnival at the Ferndale state fairgrounds on Thursday, September 28th, 2017!

And then we are having a Native American Pow-Wow on Wednesday, October 4th in both California and North Carolina!

That’s what Wednesday is, Jess & Jenna! Christina Ricci! No one wants to go on on Wednesday or be Wednesday!


I’m not very fond of these two at all! I’d rather watch Squared and mine:


The Mian Twins on Sundays known as Aisha and Azra and The Totally Teenage Twins on Thursdays known as Caroline and Olivia are way too powerful and they have too much power!

Brooklyn & Bailey are the same chic in Cute Girls Hairstyles? No way!

Up All Night (Live)

I just heard Up All Night (Live)! It was obviously One Direction! I want the Live iTunes Festival London 2012 EP! YouTube and Pandora hurts my ears! Can we go on Wattpad?

I don’t need to go on Google News on the internet anymore after finding all of these cool news sources on the web for my WordPress Reader online!

I don’t think we’re going to be Amazon anymore if Arcata Outfitters is going to be mine!

And search.yahoo.com and archive.org are just not in anymore after evelyn & titi!