My website/YouTube channel is at school!

Someone at school is about to ask me out or ask me if I have a website or YouTube channel in freshman Geometry (if it’s eighth grade then I can pass it better than a B)! Columbians like being if it’s the smarter one then I can pass it better! Not very many people take geometry in 8th grade, as it is the higher-level math class! I have the same IQ as Vonzell Solomon because whoever wants to think that they won American Idol season 4 is going to be third place like her! Third placers, third place GOT TALENT semi-finalists, and third place finalists! 85 is Cher Lloyd, she was feistyfilmaker’s LIBRARY HALL at my local library, born on February 26, 1997, that is how dumb Cher Lloyd is, she was Tommy, so I’m really so very scared to death for her that I want to be clones or clowns with her. I’m not as smart as GTs like Carrie Underwood, Bo Bice is going to be who I want to be, Constantine Maroulis is probably VONZELL!

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You are not allowed to call people “highly intelligent” because that is severely retarded and you are a dumbfuck if you call Joe highly intelligent ever again!

This is not Tumblr’s; this is WordPress, Wattpad, Wix, Wikipedia, and Pandora!

I think this sidebar is for the mobile phone like Facebook was originally for!

I’m still going to kill Taylor Thompson not Tori Thompson for class of 2010- both- 1992 high school for February 24 Dakota Fanning, Stefano Langone, and Haylie Duff from Napoleon Dynamite and 1988 college/university for child prodigy!

I still need someone to die. I still need to kill someone. That was highly intelligent I saw on his forum that was severely retarded and dumbfucktarded. I’m the joker.

Still Going To Be Nerdy!

I thought February 8, 2018 was really nerdy and is still going to be really nerdy! I thought this week ago was really nerdy and is still going to be really nerdy what week are we talking about again? Whenever I watch my own channel trailer my subscriptions come back but just wait awhile and my subscriptions should go away again as soon as I watch another video except that I can’t find any more new videos after mine so I’m ONLY “Vietnamese Boy” at Elle Girl Japan where everyone was so much whiter than me since or because they are Namie Amuro or Amuro Namie who is really white after mine at the Grand Asia Market, ON their Instagram where they should be following ZAYN in all capital/uppercase letters and everything! I think that’s what’s nerdy right now! It’s really ridiculous though because I like Facebook Notes and I can’t believe you’re still online even though we’re getting rid of AIM and going on Snapchat, WhatsApp, and Kik now as I grow up and get older and age with The Olsen Twins! I believe my next video is about why my last one was so nerdy! What should I do? That’s just what it is! I just saw a Vietnamese karaoke music video on YouTube and the next thing I know Tiffany Alvord and Sarah J Parent have to be mine Meghan Trainor! After that, I think Nom-Num Puzzles are The New Kid or Gus Griswald or Joey Gladstone on Full House! And then after that I can have “I’m going through the same stage as the Totally Teenage Twins right now!” in my next video! But after that is celebrity cruft and that sweet is sane in “only” five videos! “I need to watch a Vietnamese karaoke music video right now!” Pakistan on BBC World News! I need one more channel view than that! But then I keep going on the YouTube App on Roku player and Samsung TV (but not Blu Ray Disc player?) and I feel better when it’s not updated on search result pages on there either! And we have to press F5.


This is going to be hard for us to find time to go to Sunday school because I look like everyone or the same thing as everybody else and I don’t know what to wear or to get dressed up or to get ready to go every morning at the time iJustine came on on Tuesday!

I’m going out for a drive to get makeup and more makeup!

ALMAY is the teen/juniors brand of REVLON!

This Sunday on 11 February Asbury United Methodist Church is going to be really so very cool!


Today I’m talking about giraffes! Now that I have a longer neck, I can!

Oh no, there’s something going on right now, but you’re poking fun of ” i want a longer tongue than average”!

No more Squared and no more Brock and Boston personal channel! What are we supposed to do now that Kitten isn’t coming on until the first of March and my new bed isn’t getting here to be ordered here until February 17th after I have when I get four videos on my channel? I think I need to go to Claire’s in Eureka and since I have a bed in “Aaron Carter”‘s tour bus then I have to drive when it’s my turn to drive and when I want to drive the tour bus then I want to drive the tour bus to surprise you on “who is driving this tour bus right now” game! “Shouldn’t you be in high school and learn how to drive a tour bus first before being here in Aaron’s tour during Lizzie McGuire?”


Remember what watching Netflix is? I think I’m waiting on a new episode from them! I think I’m the Messitt Twins and the Quagmire Twins! That’s why I was watching Double Identity: The Mystery of Twins on Amazon, that’s why I was watching The X-Files: Eve on Sling, and that’s The Rybka Twins on YouTube. “I’m the Rybka twins,” said Molly Lu and Mary J. Blige driving skills too young!


I think their parents did it for them and still do everything for them like mine, meh and daddy, do or are still doing for me! Curtis Smith! I hate their parents bragging to the whole world and to me that their kid did it themselves and all by themself when they did not, their parents did it not them! I don’t want you to be indie/independent! Someone didn’t know what the word dependency meant! Ask Wikipedia what does the word Dependency mean again? It is Dependency! Keep it as Dependency! I’m from Pray for the Soul of Betty Greek God Groupies and I’m taller than TV personality Constantine Maroulis on U-Pick Live. You can trust mine. You can trust the voices of Rosanna Pansino and Mo! Mo is six months older than me! That is still called Mo! Why is Demi now five three and Alyson now five four? They should both be five two! Don’t go near that don’t buy that their younger sister is not really the taller one they are still the same like Coco and Freddy are! Oh this is not good. I want us to be older than May 8, 1994!

Eve 11

I think there are 11 episodes this season because this is the 11th season! Oh no, I just watched my own channel trailer and not the subscribers page, so all of my hidden subscriptions came back on to show-off that I am GHSgrad2006’s Google plus account since we are all moving to YouTube because we are Rebecca Ferguson and Kimberley Ann Saunders on AIM for life! Who just saw a bunch of teenage girls screaming after Haley Joel Osment? I’m about lose a lot of blood, so I need to eat! Have you ever gave blood before? MATT CARDLE IS THE MOST BORINGEST GUY IN THE WHOLE WORLD, HE WAS, “OH THIS GUY IS REALLY BORING RIGHT NOW I THINK HE MUST BE TRAVIS WOO AND ROSANNA PANSINO!” Lucas and Marcus make a lot of gymnastics videos for The Rybka Twins to be “twin” and not them!

Have you ever been in pain before? Have you ever lost a lot of blood before? That was the older version of you for adults! It can’t be, it is not AFJROTC! I can give blood! I can give blood some more times in adulthood again when I renew my driver’s license and buy myself a new car every year that I’m an adult so how many cars have you owned since age sixteen? Why do we need to join the airforce to be a pilot like Patrick was in the north in New Brunswick where Justin Sprott is still piercing my tongue with two piercings side-by-side so that I can have two dots above my e? The reason I recommend going to New Brunswick first before Australia and Great Britain is to ensure that we never return back to the United States ever again!

Start with shoes! But first I need a new third top mattress (don’t get rid of these two mattresses on the bottom) from IKEA used on eBay or else I’m going to die of partially deafness each and every night of “I can’t sleep I have insomnia” before we can do that to me in church, so that I can be more comfortable than Perrie Edwards and not this uncomfortness anymore! I’m about to be a whole lot more comfortable than Perrie Edwards can only dream of being or will never or ever get to be! The uncomfortable one is Perrie! I’m ready to be shot! Headshots! Senior portrait shots! Don’t go back to school ever again! That’s why I’m meeting or am already with a Catholic nun! That’s why Methodist should stay Christian! I have never bought anything before in my entire life I think I was dreaming I think that was a dream because I’m starting to grow up soon about to be about to be going about to be going into college soon! Did you get soon, too? I think we should talk about kidnapping, stalking, mugging, mugshots, art, visual arts…

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My Top 11 playlist! My braiding and straightening to get beachy waves is nothing, it’s my everyday routine!

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