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Thursday, March 23, 2017
I am going to have three layouts on here!

Friday, March 24, 2017
I am running out of a thing called Bandwidth and that is 150 posts!

someone left me in healdsburg and made me create the whole town all by myself after north carolina and new york for tourists!

can I travel by airplane and car to you and not train (or broomstick!) anymore?

I don’t like going online at the same time as Zayn, he is opposite and we were called “just a minute or two” @stellahudgens.





Zoë watches the 13 Nights of Halloween and at the Spirit Halloween store is Miranda Sings.

There is nothing here (The Swirl Girl Army is playing, she’s Nicki Minaj, not Brandon Lee, but Malese Jow, they’re Creek Indians, and we’re The Malik Family, Shabbir Malik, Dailyha Beauty is a Wixsite, it’s large-print for children and mobile-friendly for the phone, like many more users of Sedu for beachy waves are just like my wordpress email followers.) that is as explicit as obscenities, vulgarity, or profane content on After Dark, but Northern Californian being Pennsylvanian and The Chronicles of Zak: I & II being Gothic, Halloween, pop punk, hip hop, and R&B! Bomb threat? BB gun? Shooters? Are oil/gas stations Eurasian? Exxon-Mobil &/or BP, wawa, and Love’s? When did we get Checotah? It’s just like Checotah! Syracuse and Raleigh were Checotah! And Healdsburg High was like let’s be 2011! Can you let me know if I have any self-harm BDSM/ADHD/ADD/Bipolar/Pro-Ana/Pro-Mia/Eating Disorders/Learning Disabled on here? Teen angst!

Don’t forget TEXTROVERT aka the published version of The Cell Phone Swap will be available on May 2, 2017! Pre-order links:

Amazon: I can have this! July 2nd-4th!

New and updated Q&As for the week of March 17, 2017
Liar, liar, pants on fire: Am I a pathological liar? – actor
Nutrition facts label – cholesterol

Ally Dawson, from Go Ask Alice dot com, born in 1993, do you know what is not important to me right now is how many Bongo Jeans (they’re 6’0″ for me) & Hanes clothes that I own, and that I, someone called Laura, need to update you to a bot! I was 5 years younger than March 28, 1988 & 1990, right? Materialist. Make me work on when I’m Joe again!

I think I can have a rule: My last following should be Chris Brown and that I don’t need to follow back new followers who are now Chris Brown over and over again and again by heart! I did not want to follow Carrie Underwood and Noah Cyrus too much if they were not from Franklin, Tennessee whereas we are from the Maryland part of Assateague Island.

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